Saturday, 31 May 2014

100 Happy Days - 26 - 30

I'm loving all my happy days! I'm also really enjoying seeing other people's photos, it's so nice seeing everyone's happy moments.

26 - I finally received my copy of Preacher Book 3 in the post. I think it's too scary for poor wee Chi though!

27 - It's a great week for post, look at these amazing bright blue shoes I bought in the sale from London Rebel. So pretty! Comfortable too, yus. Chi was more interested in the box, she was sliiiightly too big to fit into it, but it was funny watching her try.

28 - I was reminiscing about how cute Chi was when she was a kitten and I found this photo of her! Oh my god, LOOK at her tiny little face!!

29. I'm super excited about our new Jellyfish Stud Earrings!

30. I am completely addicted to Disco Zoo, probably the most ridiculous iPhone game ever. But LOOK! Unicorns!!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Jellyfish Stud Earrings

These little guys are the most recent addition to my online shop and I LOVE them! They're so tiny and I can't decide whether the pink or lilac version is my favourite. I experimented with cutting them in iridescent acrylic (which is probably the coolest thing ever) but they were too small and fragile for that type of acrylic and their little legs (tendrils? tentacles??) kept breaking off. Noooo!

I'm thinking about making some mirrored acrylic versions, probably in mirrored pink and maybe purple too. Any other suggestions?