Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Collection: "Glitter Retro"

We've got a new jewellery collection up on the website! We've been adding it very slowly (it's so hard to find some good daylight to take pictures at this time of year) and it's finally all up! It's full of bright colours, glitter acrylic and nostalgic images to cheer you up in this wintery weather.

This Ferris Wheel Necklace is probably my favourite piece of the new collection, I loved designing the detailed wheel and the rainbow carts are pretty!

Continuing the fairground theme, the Fish in a Bag jewellery includes charm earrings, a necklace, brooch and stud earrings. The studs are so tiny and sweet!

Glittery Heart Balloon jewellery in necklace and brooch form. I love the glitter acrylic, it looks amazing! It's really bright and shiny, the red one is my favourite - what's yours?

Retro Ice Lolly Necklaces have been available for a while, the Fab in particular has been very popular! In the next few weeks Retro Ice Lolly Brooches will be available, but if anyone wants one in the meantime just give us an email.

I designed this Vintage Eraser Jewellery to look like....vintage erasers! I used to collect them when I was little and these are based on some of my favourites. The white brooches and necklaces have bright acrylic rainbow colours and the black brooches and necklaces have mirrored acrylic - both really stand out!

These Rainbow Pinwheels come as both a brooch and a necklace; either one will brighten up any outfit!

More glitter acrylic! These simple but pretty Glitter Lightning Pendants come in red or blue.

The glitter acrylic is so amazing that we've released some of our stud earrings in a glittery version! Have a look at our range of Glitter Stud Earrings - are there any other earrings you'd like to see a glitter version of?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

New York

We're just back from New York and we had THE BEST time there! I've always wanted to go there so I've been saving to go somewhere special on holiday for a while - I was so excited to finally be going! We did so many fun things that if I write them all in a blog post it'll go on forever, but I thought I'd make a little summary of the best bits with some pictures. :)

1. American Museum of Natural History
This museum has all sorts of interesting things, my favourites were the pretty rocks section (probably not actual title), sea creatures and the "Please Do Not Sit in the Clam Shell" sign. The best part was obviously the dinosaurs though - there were LOADS.

2. Central Park
You kind of have to go here if you're visiting New York; it's beautiful and if it's a sunny day it's even better. I spent the whole time chasing squirrels and pointing out cute dogs, resulting in an exasperated boyfriend. Also, there are turtles!

3. The View Restaurant & Lounge
The Marriott Marquis Hotel have an amazing revolving restaurant and bar on the 48th floor of their hotel. We only went for drinks as food and drink are relatively expensive (about $16 for a cocktail) but they were very nice! Check out Keith in the picture below drinking the girliest cocktail ever. You have to pay a cover charge after 8pm so we left before then! We looked up when sunset was and went about half an hour before; the view was fantastic AND we got to drink cocktails, double win.

4. New York Comic Con
We went to NYCC on the Friday of the massive 4 day event. We weren't that interested in queueing (and paying!) for autographs/photos etc or going to the panel events but we wandered about for hours looking at all the people in costume, the hundreds of artists selling prints and all the comics and merchandise for sale! I spent so much money on pretty pictures and far too long looking at amazing Lego creations.

5. The High Line
The High Line is a park built on top of an old rail line above West Manhattan. It's lovely to walk down, the plants are nice and the views over Manhattan are great. There's lots of art installations visible from the park too, it's like a free, outdoor gallery full of flowers.

6. Brooklyn Bowl
This place was right round the corner from our hotel so we went a couple of times: it's a bar, where you can listen to live music, drink beer (or strawberry milkshakes in my case), eat fantastic fried chicken AND go bowling, all at once. With Jurassic Park on in the background. I won at bowling, mainly because Keith is awful and I am only quite bad. If you're going to go, they do half price bowling after 8pm on Sunday nights!

7. The Bronx Zoo
This zoo is HUGE and we arrived in the afternoon so didnt get to see all of it. There were tiger cubs! So very cute. Wednesday is "suggested donation day" so you can get in for free if you're feeling stingy, but apparently it's always very busy.

We did many more things, but I think that's enough for a blog post! Im sure I've already bored many of you to death with my Instagram/Twitter spamming while I was there. I can't wait to go back again, hopefully soon! Has anyone else been/planning to go soon? Let me know what you got up to!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Wishlist 6

1.  Colourful Ice Cream Manicure Set from The Hambledon - cute AND useful!

2. I love the combination of cute telephone and hearts pattern with the peter pan collar on this Telephone Print Top. Thanks Dorothy Perkins!

3. Argh! How cool is this Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set from Fred Flare?

4. Dip dyed and ombre seem to be the in thing at the moment, which is fine by me; I love this Dipdye Necklace from Snug Studio.

5. This Breakfast Set from welovekaoru is so pretty I'd be scared to use it. I'm pretty good at smashing things, I'd have to buy about 9 sets.

6. Baby Got Bat Bag from Modcloth looks like it might be highly impractical as a bag but its so cute I don't even care.

7.  I LOVE the new abacus jewellery at Hannah Zakari, especially this Abacus Bead Necklace in Multi-colour.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coveted Magazine

 Exciting news! We have been featured in the latest edition of Coveted, an excellent magazine based in Scotland which supports and promotes the Scottish fashion industry. I love their tagline: "Scottish Fashion is not all tartan."

They have featured our Rainbow Clothesline Necklace, modelled here by Jeremy the T-Rex.

You can check it out in the latest issue or have a look at the Sneak Peek. We are on Page 9 amongst an amazing array of beautiful things from Scottish designers - can you spot our necklace?

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