Saturday, 26 December 2015

New Patches!

Check out some of the incredible patches I collected over Christmas! I've also been busy designing our NEW Rainbow Pastel Gem Stone Patch! What do you think? Hope you've all had a great Christmas and have an awesome New Year!


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas from UK Small Brands

Supporting small businesses is important all year round, but especially so at Christmas. Avoid the big brands this year and check out these great gifts from UK small brands and shops.

1. A lovely festive mug stuffed with hand made hot chocolate and marshmallows - I love this photo, it's so pretty! You can pick up this Hot Chocolate Gift Set from Mello Mallo. (The mug was designed by illustrator JillyJillyDesign).

2. Rosa Pietsch's new collection features these beautiful Lantern Pendants.  Laser cut from black opaque acrylic with bronze and gold mirrored accents and containing gold leaf cast in resin.

3. This Grow A Pair Raglan makes the perfect gift for the feminist in your life. Comfortable and hilarious, make people look twice with this shirt from Double Crossed Clothing.

4. I love these new Hero and Cape Knitted Bobble Hats. Those retro colours! That pom pom!!

5. How cute are these mittens by Hilary Grant at Hannah Zakari? If you live near Edinburgh you can drop into their lovely little shop, but if not you can always browse online.

6. Give the gift of positivity with The Mug of Motivation by illustrator Katie Abey.

7. Natalie Lea Owen makes some beautiful patterns and they look especially pretty on these Tea Towels. Brighten up your kitchen!

8. London based designer Nikki Strange makes these lovely foil print illustrated notebooks. Buy a set of two from her website for under a tenner.

9. For a unique gift, try This Way To The Circus - I love this polymer clay Cactus Set for the less green-fingered family member!

10. Teeny tiny brass Hexagon Stud Earrings by Custom Made will match any outfit.

11. This Ghost Tee is soft and organic and comes in both men's and lady's styles from Alxndra.

12. Super cool almost-neon Printed T-shirt from Yukfun.

13. Everything you need to make your own Terrarium (apart from the actual terrarium!) from Geo-fleur.

14. Mulder and Scully brooches by AndSmile make a perfect gift set for an X-Files fan!

15. Have you got crafty friends? They might enjoy a craft kit, like this "More Gin Please" Cross-stitch Kit from The Make Arcade.

16. If you've got anyone left to buy for after all that, or you just want to treat yourself, check out our vintage style pin badges in Strawberry Milkshake and Drive In Movies. There's loads more stuff on our website Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Stocking Fillers from UK Small Brands for Under £15

Christmas stockings are my favourite bit about Christmas and I love making them for my boyfriend and family. Shopping from small brands is important to me and I try to do it as much as I can, so here's some cool things to stuff your stocking with this Christmas for under £15 whilst also supporting some awesome UK small businesses.

1. For the bad ass lady in your life, pick up one of these Fight Like A Girl Patches in cute pastel colours from illustrator Jade Boylan.

2. "What do you want - a f**king medal?!" - these hilarious (and rude!) medals from Rock Cakes will make anyone laugh on Christmas Day.

3. Spread some love and positivity with these pastel Motivational Band Aid Tattoos from Pop Shop UK.

4. Chocolate Pyramids filled with cookies and cream from the Whimsical Cake Company. Pretty AND tasty!

5. Finest Imaginary has dreamed up these super detailed Diamond Terrarium Enamel Pin Badges.

6. Here's some incredibly glittery Festive Scottish Tablet from glittery sweets wizard Lynda Jane Cakes.

7. Who doesn't love dinosaurs? This T-Rex wearing a season-appropriate hat features on Designosaur's Roarball.

8. These Alternative Scouting Patches from Luke Drozd are pretty awesome and include merit badges for achievements such as Grave Robbery, Prank Calls, Mind Control and Home Dentistry. Buy them in sets or individually!

9. This printed, double sided Great/Rubbish Ideas Notebook is super cute! Pick one up from Stormy Knight.

10. Lastly, here's our Adult Achievement Stickers which celebrate all the challenges you face as a fully fledged grown up. You can get them on the Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes website,

Have you got any great stocking filler ideas to share? Let us know, I'd love to hear them!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist

The Blog & Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist is now up! I love browsing through their carefully curated collections and here are a few of my favourite things from the latest one.

1. I want to wrap everything in this bright Love Birds Gift Wrap from Alice Tams of Birds in Hats.

2. I'd like to get this set of two Galaxy Print Notebooks from Double Thumbs Up for Christmas! They're so pretty.

3. I love the colour of this beautiful polymer clay Agate Blue and Navy Geometric Necklace from Never Spent.

4. This is the cutest tape I've ever seen! For more cute gift wrapping ideas check out Cloudy Day Tape from Pygmy Cloud.

5. Kim from Finest Imaginary makes the coolest necklaces and this amazing Diamond Terrarium Necklace is no exception.

6. Continuing the cacti theme, this Cacti Print from Ilka would really brighten up my living room *hint hint*.

7. This Hamster's Paradise Mug from Hole In My Pocket makes me chuckle. Look at his little face!

We're proud that the wishlist features some of our products, including this set of 90s Toys Enamel Pin Badges - you can pick up individual pins or save some cash and buy the whole set at Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. What are your favourite finds for Christmas gifts?

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Patch Game

I've got a few new patch designs in the works and I've been checking out other designers work. There are some really awesome patches out there! I've got to raise my patch game if I want to keep up with these super cool designs.

1. Pizza Patch - Kitiya Palaskas
This Melbourne based designer uses the brightest colours to make some incredible products! I also love her letter writing sets.

2. Procrastinator Patch - No Fun Press
A clever and funny patch from the always-awesome No Fun Press from Toronto, Canada,

3. Stay Home Club Patch - Stay Home Club
It is sometimes difficult to drag myself away from my cats and my house and go outside and do stuff. Staying home is the new going out.

4. Burger Patch - Mokuyobi Threads
Continuing the fast food theme, Mokuyobi Threads have recently released this smasher of a burger patch. Just looking at it is making me hungry.

5. Tea or Death Patch - Cat Coven
I definitely identify with this tea-related patch, my tea addiction is the stuff of legends. Get your own (or the coffee version) from Cat Coven. It also comes in black!

Do you have a favourite patch? Let me know, I'd love to see it!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Blog and Buy Sale Summer Wishlist

We're proud to be part of the Blog and Buy Sale Summer Wishlist this year. It's great to see our products featured with a whole host of cool jewellery, stationery, homeware and gifts. I've had a look through and picked five of my favourites to feature here.

The pastel colours of these notecards really appeal to me and the modern, simple designs are pretty without being cluttered. Perfect stationery!

Science! Vintage cabachons! I'm a little bit sad about the lack of Pluto (poor Pluto!) but this necklace is too pretty to be sad for long. The swirls and spots in the cabachons look just like the surface of planets.

I love the bright colours in this notebook and the simple style of cover. Even the photography is beautiful, the matching coloured pencils really set it off.

The simple, one-colour style of this cushion makes it versatile and eye-catching. I want one for my living room!

Look at those dinosaurs! They're so cute (and ferocious, obviously) and I would love to drink my tea from one of these excellent mugs. I'm also jealous of their plastic dinosaur collection.

The Wishlist also features our CMYK Enamel Pin Badge which we are pretty excited about!

I'd love to see your picks from this wishlist! Let me know which items are your favourite.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Pin Game

I've started designing pin badges recently and this CMYK Enamel Lapel Pin Badge is my first design that has made it to production. It's sold pretty well so far and I'm really happy that people like it! It's similar to the CMYK Necklaces I made a few years ago, but I thought a pin badge (much smaller than they necklaces!) would be cute.

There are a lot of pin badge designers and makers that I admire so I'm going to share a few of them here. You can also check out my Pins and Patches Pinterest Board if you'd like to take a look at even more!

1. Fruity Rainbow Lapel Hat Pin - Bean It
I love this pastel coloured rainbow cloud pin; it's very high quality and plated in 24k gold in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It even has the "Bean It" logo on the back of the pin. Also, PASTEL RAINBOW.

2. Red Cup Pin - The Early Hours Clothing
This iconic red cup design is classic America. It reminds me of American high school movies where all the cool kids go to parties and drink unidentified beverages from these bright red plastic cups. I have always wanted to go to one of those parties.

3. Enamel Pin Candy - Greenwich Letterpress
Another dreamy pastel pin badge, this time by Greenwich Letterpress, a studio and gift shop in New York City. It reminds me of a packet of Fizzers! They have even more cool pins (and cards) in their online store.

4. Enamel Pinata Pin - City of Industry
This new pin from City of Industry comes in classic gold plating or limited edition copper (pictured above). I have more pins from this store than I'd like to admit, they're all so beautiful!

5. Paradise Pin - Big Bud Press
This pin badge store based in Florida has lovely, bright photography and colourful pins that really stand out. These sunglasses are my absolute favourite!

Do you collect pin badges? Let me know if you have any favourites, I'd love to check them out!