Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Cards

With December coming up so soon I thought I'd blog about some of my favourite Christmas cards! There are so many lovely ones this year, it's hard to choose just a few. Cant wait till I receive my first card in the post!

1. Mince Pies Christmas Card - Ginger Pickle

2. Snow Postcard - Present and Correct

3. Christmas Party Animal Seagull Card - Hello Dodo

4. Accordian Badger Card - Betty and Dupree

5. Merry Christmas Deer Card - hellojenuine

6. Mark Callaby Christmas Cards - Ohh Deer

7.  Candy Cane Handmade Christmas Card - Tea and Ceremony

8.  Library Christmas Card - Papermash

9. Poor Wee Brussel Sprout Card - Hole in my Pocket

10. Rudolph Christmas CardThe Doll House

Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Wishlist 7

1. This coat from Joy is BEAUTIFUL. Look at the colour! And the collar!

2. These Gasoline Glitter Flame Heels from Topshop are amaaaazing. I'm pretty sure I couldn't stand up in them, but they would look nice when I was sitting down.

3.  I can't get enough satchels and I can't get enough yellow (6 yellow dresses is too many, right?) so this School Satchel (in "yolk" - it also comes in "apple" and "conker," what fantastic names) from Present & Correct is right up my street.

4. Lovely Pigeon make some very pretty things (and they have a new, beautiful website!); this Doodles Notebook is really cute! And again with the yellow.

5. Colour-blocking - that's a thing, right? I'm not sure what it means, but I hope this lovely Neon Geometric Necklace is an example: it's made of leather by the awesome Boo + Boo Factory.

6. Shoe clips are a great way to make your more boring shoes F-A-N-C-Y! These Heart Shoe Clips from ban.do come in lots of colours, but the red ones are my favourite.

7. Potterhead Totes from Dream A Little More come in loads of designs but I want the Marauder's Map one!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Awesome Advent Calendars

I recently bought a chocolate advent calendar for my boyfriend and I felt slightly embarrassed at the till - I'm surely too old to be buying these things! After a wee search online, turns out I'm definitely not - there are some amazing calendars out there. These are my favourite ones:

1. Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar - There are tiny Star Wars Lego figures behind each door; I especially like the Santa Darth Maul.

2. Ginvent Calendar - Countdown to Christmas with a different gin for each day from Master of Malt and The Gin Blog! It's ok to drink every day if it's for Christmas, right? There's also a whisky one.

3. Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar - Mini nail polish pots including some exclusive colours from Selfridges - so cool!

4. Tea Advent Calendar - The English Tea Shop have produced TEA ADVENT CALENDARS. Heroes.

5. Chococo Advent Selection Box - This is less of a calendar and more of a selection box but still - the packaging and the chocolates are so beautiful that I would buy it just to look at. They have some amazing sounding flavours like "Fizzy Christmas Pudding," "Molasses" and "Mulled Wine".

Do you have an advent calendar? Which one did you go for?