Friday, 31 January 2014

Amazing Bags

I love a bizarre bag. They may be highly impractical, but they are so cool it doesn't even matter that I also have to bring a rucksack to actually carry stuff in.

1. Shark Bag - The Rodnik Band

2. Sega Mega Drive Bag - Insert Coin Clothing

3. Strawberry Clutch - Welcome Companions

4. Jukebox Clutch - Charlotte Olympia

5. Alice - Jump From Paper

6. The Golden Summer Embroidered Clutch - Olympia Le-Tan

7. Miss Penny's Emanuelle - Kate Spade

If you still haven't seen enough bags, you can check out more on my Pinterest board here.

Friday, 24 January 2014

New Collection - Part 1

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes are proud to announce our latest collection for Jan 2014! Glitter and mirrored acrylic feature heavily, with geometric shapes and also a few critters! Here's a closer look...

The Giant Hexagon Necklace is the main piece in our new collection; a statement necklace made from FORTY SEVEN individual acrylic pieces. Each hexagon is coloured mirror or glitter acrylic and I spent ages agonising over the final colour combination and layout. The acrylic surrounding the hexagons is matte black to provide a non-shiny contrast. It's almost 13cm wide - that's a lot of hexagons!

The Hexagon Necklace is the Giant Hexagon Necklace's baby sister, it's smaller but no less lovely. It has 19 individual pieces and is a significantly smaller 6.2cm wide.

There is also a Hexagon Brooch!

In keeping with the shiny theme, our new Marble Necklace (and Brooch coming soon) are made of mirrored acrylic and are a 2D version of the prettiest ever toys. I used to love my marble collection when I was little - I didn't even play with the best ones, just kept them in a box!

Do you think there's a resemblance?

Here's our long awaited Otter Spotter Necklace! He's made of brown, cream, white, black and matte black acrylic with engraved accents.


Next is our new Bowling Pin Necklace and Brooch: these were inspired by date night in New York when we went to Brooklyn Bowl. It was such a cool place, I wanted to make something to remind me of it. We were pretty bad at bowling...

And here's the necklace and brooch!

Part 2 is coming soon with details of more jewellery in the collection! Yay! What do you think so far?

Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Wishlist 9

It's been ages since I've done one of these, but I'm struggling to restrain myself at the moment with the amount of lovely things in the shops, especially if they're on sale!

1. I might have accidentally already bought this Louche Jarren Dress from Joy. Look at it though, it's covered in OWLS! And it's only £45 in the sale, how could I not buy it? Right??

2. These amazing shoes seem to have the rather non-catchy title "Ultragirl Glitter 2 Multi Purple" but that doesn't make them less awesome. They're now £40 (from £65) in the Nonnon sale.

3. Mardi Gras nail polish in the Topshop sale for only £3. Hurrah!

4. Another thing I couldn't restrain myself from buying is this Sierra Bra from the Agent Provocateur sale. £25 reduced from £95! Bargain. And it's lovely. Look how smug this lady is.

5. If I fitted clothing in Large, I would totally be all over the last size of this Jellyfish Sweater by Sugar Pills. Its now 129 Polish Zloty which is the equivalent of just under £26. 

6. I love the colour of red of this Gem Cut Brooch by Tatty Devine. Now £19.50 from £65!

7. If I wore rings, I'd be right into this Out of This World Ring by Eclectic Eccentricity. So shiny!! Now £10 because slight seconds apparently....looks pretty perfect to me.