Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sale Picks

The only thing better than finding something you love is finding something you love that's IN THE SALE. Here's some of my favourite things from the end of the summer sales:

1. I've admired this sweet little cat brooch from posh-lady shop Hobbs for a while, but at £29 it was a bit out of my price range. However, it is now reduced to a much more manageable £8! Hurrah.

2. This Crinkle & Crimp Tumbler from the always-super-expensive-but-lovely Anthropologie looks like a crumpled plastic cup but is made of pretty blue glass. So cool! Even better now they're £2.95 instead of £6 each.

3. I've loved this Bumblebee Dress from Oasis for ages, but now that its £22 (down from £42!) I'll be buying one.

4.  I'm sad to say that I bought these Yellow Brogues before they went on sale for £60. They are now £24.99 from Schuh. Weep.

5. I'm not usually into denim dresses but this Floral Denim Dress from Dorothy Perkins is too pretty to pass up.

6. Colourblocking has to be one of the best things ever to come out of the fashion world, and this Colourblock Notebook from La La Land is the stationery equivalent of high fashion. Only £3 from £4.75.

7. This might be the granny in me coming out, but this Knitted Floral Cardigan from Dickens & Jones is ace. Down to £36 from £60 also makes it almost normal price!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Wishlist 3

1. After starting my new job I've been looking everywhere for pretty work clothes - I'm so bored of my black dresses and skirts. This ivory and robin's egg blue skirt from Modcloth would be perfect!

2. This badger printed moleskin from Finest Imaginary is feeding my love for brown paper.

3. Animal Medals from HandyMaiden are an excellent combination of cute and hilarious. Below is Legion of Seahorse but my other favourites include Badger of Honor and the currently sold out Extraordinary Mallard Medal. I've got a Wombat Readiness Medal! He's so cool.

4. I have managed to restrain myself from buying pretty boxes of matches (I have absolutley no use for matches!) so far, but I am being swayed by these Constellation Matches from Catbird. The also have NYC Map Matches and these Tapestry Match Boxes from Ruche are ruining my resolve.

5. Cats are awesome. Tell the world with this excellent jumper from Burger & Friends.

6. My favourite tea of the moment is Pick Me Up At 3 Tea from The Tea Shed - it's a mega caffeine fest Assam tea and it tastes amaaazing. I'm struggling to go back to Tetley. Even the bags are beautiful!

7. I'm not usually into royal memorabilia, but these collectors plates from the Southbank Centre make me laugh a lot. Below is a plate featuring The Queen Eating Spaghetti and you can complete the set with The Queen at the Bookies. Excellent.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Tune 2

Confessions - Shambles Miller

Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday Wishlist 2

Seven lovely Things of the Week:

1. These realistic Bird Hairslides by Lady Muck of Whitstable are great, my hair already looks like a birds nest so it couldn't hurt to make it look like it's MEANT to be like that.

2. Sea Shanty Singing Dress at Modcloth is the cutest dress I've seen in ages! I'm a bit too ginger to wear pink but I think I'd make an exception for this dress.

3. I love this Mari Moon nail polish in Cutie Pie from Ninja Polish. It's super shiny! The photo is from Rainbow Obsession, my nails are sadly nowhere near as nice.

4. I love retro stationery and these Retro Pencil Sets from Mochi Things are ace.

5. Carmex is one of my favourite lip balms and I love these squeezy tubes and the mint flavoured one!

6. I bought these Red or Dead Colour Block Brogues in the Schuh sale last week. They look like bowling shoes, I can't wait to wear them. I had to buy a size bigger than I usually get though because they were so thin! I just have mega wide man feet I think.

7. It seems that satchels are ALWAYS cute, but this Turquoise Mini Box Satchel is an ace colour and an even more excellent price from Mozzypop.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday Tune

Monday, 13 August 2012

Giveaway! - Umbrella Studs

Since the rain has returned after a lovely sunny weekend, I thought I'd do a little giveaway to try and cheer everyone up a bit. :) These cute little blue umbrella stud earrings are perfect for rainy days! To win your very own pair all you have to do is follow Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway using the widget below. The winner will be announced next weekend. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

New Stockists

It's been a bit of a dream-come-true kind of month for me at Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes HQ - I've got some very exciting new stockists that I can't wait to tell you about! I'm pretty new to this retail thing and I've got a lot of love for Clare over at Indie Retail Academy whose excellent and helpful blog posts I couldn't have done without.

Hannah Zakari

La La Land

  • La La Land in the West End of Glasgow is a shop I'm in a LOT so I was super thrilled when they agreed to take on some of my jewellery. They sell all the coolest clothing, jewellery, accessories and art in their little boutique and on their online shop. Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes jewellery is currently stocked in the shop and will hopefully be up online soon! I can't wait. In the meantime check out this amazing Sweet Cerise Stamp Brooch and this Blue Geo Chevron Necklace.

 Ginger Pickle

  • Ginger Pickle is a pretty little online store which supports British artists and designers. They have kindly agreed to take on some Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes jewellery and it's already up in their online shop! How exciting!!! Check it out in their Jewellery section. They have loads of other beautiful things, I love this Ration Notebook and this Mini Chevron Silver Arrow Necklace.

How great is that? Thanks so much to all my new stockists for this amazing opportunity! :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Wishlist

Seven things I love this week:

1. These Rainbow Yeti Matryoshka are hand painted and probably the coolest ornaments I've ever seen. Check them out and some amazing hand painted shoes at Pony Chops.

2. Since one of my best friends has recently moved far away I've been looking into getting some cute stationery to encourage me to write to her. Papermash have some lovely things!

3. This Cherry Blossom Dress by Black Milk is so pretty! I love Black Milk and this is one of my favourite new pieces. Im saving up to buy one!

3. Loving these dinosaur necklaces from Handmade by Ify, so much that I've bought about 5. I've been wearing them with everything! There's also 30% in her shop with the code WALKINGONSUNSHINE until 17th August.

4. Retro Lady Ties by Flapper Girl have been encouraging me to buy clothes with collars. They look so cool!

 6. Ruche have a lovely line of vintage style dresses by Heartbreaker. Im currently swooning over this one.

7. Repeating patterns look great but are really difficult to create! Check out this amazing Perpetual Bicycle Notebook by Hellojenuine.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Jewellery

I love cats. I don't have my own because my flatmate is (inconsiderately) allergic to them, but my boyfriend has a supercute cat. She has a broken tail and she can't meow properly (she makes a sort of "mep" noise instead) but she is so friendly, I love her to bits!

 Isn't she pretty? So pretty in fact, that I've designed some cat jewellery based on her. The brooches above come in glitter or black and the stud earrings below come in black at the moment, but orange, white, black glitter and gold glitter are coming soon.

I'm also making some cat necklaces similar to the brooches - any suggestions for other colours you'd like to see? More cute cat pictures below!

She loves boxes and bubble wrap; she gets so excited when we get packages!

This is her having her tummy tickled, she goes a bit nuts. Has anyone else got a cat? Show me your pictures, I love being distracted from real work by kitties.