Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Wishlist 3

1. After starting my new job I've been looking everywhere for pretty work clothes - I'm so bored of my black dresses and skirts. This ivory and robin's egg blue skirt from Modcloth would be perfect!

2. This badger printed moleskin from Finest Imaginary is feeding my love for brown paper.

3. Animal Medals from HandyMaiden are an excellent combination of cute and hilarious. Below is Legion of Seahorse but my other favourites include Badger of Honor and the currently sold out Extraordinary Mallard Medal. I've got a Wombat Readiness Medal! He's so cool.

4. I have managed to restrain myself from buying pretty boxes of matches (I have absolutley no use for matches!) so far, but I am being swayed by these Constellation Matches from Catbird. The also have NYC Map Matches and these Tapestry Match Boxes from Ruche are ruining my resolve.

5. Cats are awesome. Tell the world with this excellent jumper from Burger & Friends.

6. My favourite tea of the moment is Pick Me Up At 3 Tea from The Tea Shed - it's a mega caffeine fest Assam tea and it tastes amaaazing. I'm struggling to go back to Tetley. Even the bags are beautiful!

7. I'm not usually into royal memorabilia, but these collectors plates from the Southbank Centre make me laugh a lot. Below is a plate featuring The Queen Eating Spaghetti and you can complete the set with The Queen at the Bookies. Excellent.

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