Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Wishlist

Seven things I love this week:

1. These Rainbow Yeti Matryoshka are hand painted and probably the coolest ornaments I've ever seen. Check them out and some amazing hand painted shoes at Pony Chops.

2. Since one of my best friends has recently moved far away I've been looking into getting some cute stationery to encourage me to write to her. Papermash have some lovely things!

3. This Cherry Blossom Dress by Black Milk is so pretty! I love Black Milk and this is one of my favourite new pieces. Im saving up to buy one!

3. Loving these dinosaur necklaces from Handmade by Ify, so much that I've bought about 5. I've been wearing them with everything! There's also 30% in her shop with the code WALKINGONSUNSHINE until 17th August.

4. Retro Lady Ties by Flapper Girl have been encouraging me to buy clothes with collars. They look so cool!

 6. Ruche have a lovely line of vintage style dresses by Heartbreaker. Im currently swooning over this one.

7. Repeating patterns look great but are really difficult to create! Check out this amazing Perpetual Bicycle Notebook by Hellojenuine.


  1. I love the lady ties too. They have been all over the blog world recently!

    Kim x

    1. They have! They look ACE though, I bought 3 and have resurrected all my clothing with collars. :)