Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Jewellery

I love cats. I don't have my own because my flatmate is (inconsiderately) allergic to them, but my boyfriend has a supercute cat. She has a broken tail and she can't meow properly (she makes a sort of "mep" noise instead) but she is so friendly, I love her to bits!

 Isn't she pretty? So pretty in fact, that I've designed some cat jewellery based on her. The brooches above come in glitter or black and the stud earrings below come in black at the moment, but orange, white, black glitter and gold glitter are coming soon.

I'm also making some cat necklaces similar to the brooches - any suggestions for other colours you'd like to see? More cute cat pictures below!

She loves boxes and bubble wrap; she gets so excited when we get packages!

This is her having her tummy tickled, she goes a bit nuts. Has anyone else got a cat? Show me your pictures, I love being distracted from real work by kitties.


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