Friday, 24 January 2014

New Collection - Part 1

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes are proud to announce our latest collection for Jan 2014! Glitter and mirrored acrylic feature heavily, with geometric shapes and also a few critters! Here's a closer look...

The Giant Hexagon Necklace is the main piece in our new collection; a statement necklace made from FORTY SEVEN individual acrylic pieces. Each hexagon is coloured mirror or glitter acrylic and I spent ages agonising over the final colour combination and layout. The acrylic surrounding the hexagons is matte black to provide a non-shiny contrast. It's almost 13cm wide - that's a lot of hexagons!

The Hexagon Necklace is the Giant Hexagon Necklace's baby sister, it's smaller but no less lovely. It has 19 individual pieces and is a significantly smaller 6.2cm wide.

There is also a Hexagon Brooch!

In keeping with the shiny theme, our new Marble Necklace (and Brooch coming soon) are made of mirrored acrylic and are a 2D version of the prettiest ever toys. I used to love my marble collection when I was little - I didn't even play with the best ones, just kept them in a box!

Do you think there's a resemblance?

Here's our long awaited Otter Spotter Necklace! He's made of brown, cream, white, black and matte black acrylic with engraved accents.


Next is our new Bowling Pin Necklace and Brooch: these were inspired by date night in New York when we went to Brooklyn Bowl. It was such a cool place, I wanted to make something to remind me of it. We were pretty bad at bowling...

And here's the necklace and brooch!

Part 2 is coming soon with details of more jewellery in the collection! Yay! What do you think so far?

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