Sunday, 9 August 2015

Patch Game

I've got a few new patch designs in the works and I've been checking out other designers work. There are some really awesome patches out there! I've got to raise my patch game if I want to keep up with these super cool designs.

1. Pizza Patch - Kitiya Palaskas
This Melbourne based designer uses the brightest colours to make some incredible products! I also love her letter writing sets.

2. Procrastinator Patch - No Fun Press
A clever and funny patch from the always-awesome No Fun Press from Toronto, Canada,

3. Stay Home Club Patch - Stay Home Club
It is sometimes difficult to drag myself away from my cats and my house and go outside and do stuff. Staying home is the new going out.

4. Burger Patch - Mokuyobi Threads
Continuing the fast food theme, Mokuyobi Threads have recently released this smasher of a burger patch. Just looking at it is making me hungry.

5. Tea or Death Patch - Cat Coven
I definitely identify with this tea-related patch, my tea addiction is the stuff of legends. Get your own (or the coffee version) from Cat Coven. It also comes in black!

Do you have a favourite patch? Let me know, I'd love to see it!

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