Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Wishlist 5

1. Topshop have done themselves proud with this cat print graded jumper. I think I own at least 4 cat orientated jumpers already, but that doesnt make me want this any less.

2. This beautiful Origami Bird Papercut caught my eye on Sarah Louise Matthews' Etsy shop - she makes some lovely things!

3. This Peely Wally Brooch from Bonnie Bling describes me perfectly!

4. I bought this super pretty Cut Out Dress from Joy a couple of weeks ago - the cut out neckline and bright red and blue make it my favourite dress of the moment.

5.My never ending love of stationery, despite not really having much use for it, led me to my current mini-obession with washi tape. This Galaxy Space Out Washi Tape in eggplant from Pretty Tape is a great colour.

6.  I got up mega early on release day for this Artoo Swimsuit from Black Milk - cant wait for it to arrive in the post! Note: I will NOT look like this in it.

7.  I'm a wee bit in love with this Dork Pin from Magasin. So cute! Yet so insulting.

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