Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WIN! Fish in a Bag Brooch

It's competition time! Enter now to be in with a chance of winning this super cute Fish in a Bag Brooch, just in time for Christmas!

To enter just leave a comment below and tell us about the strangest Christmas present you've ever given/received.

You can grab an extra entry by retweeting the competition tweet here: https://twitter.com/fairy_cakes/status/278476257417625600

Competition closes on December 14th!

EDIT: Congratulations Victoria! I've emailed you about claiming your prize! Thanks a lot to everyone that entered. :)


  1. I'd love a chance to win! (I retweeted too).

    Hmm strangest present... I have always been really lucky with presents. My best friend at school always got lots of musty charity shop purchases from one of her Aunties which always made us chuckle.


  2. Yay another giveaway!

    To be honest I've never received a present that was really strange. My Dad bought me a lion mask as a joke one year as they're my favourite animals :P x

  3. i want!!

    mine has definitely got to be the pet turtle my brother got me as a present once! i was like ....you got me a turtle?...
    but a minute later i was so happy!! it was so small and so darn cute!
    other than that everything i received has been normal!

  4. Giant white underpants from my great-grandmother with HER name permanent markered into the seat of each pair. Way classy :D
    Her mind was going, if that even needs to be clarified, haha.

    LOVE the fish in a bag!

  5. A Trip to Dream World on boxing day... for One. Literally was sent to dream world by my mother, aged 14 solo

  6. This is so cool.

    I was given a sling shot from a boyfriend once as my only present. It was weird I had never mentioned one before and never used it. We are no longer together...

  7. I think it was a Christmas candle with all its decorations that I HAD GIVEN to the gifter 2 years before!!


  8. My (ex) boyfriend gave me a framed photograph of him and his mum