Sunday, 5 July 2015

Adult Achievement Stickers

Recently I've been foraying into designing some stationery for Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes - so far it's been pretty fun! The first thing I made were these Adult Achievement Stickers which are the result of a discussion on an online forum about how it was a shame that there were no reward stickers for grown ups. That IS a shame! I had a think about what sort of things might warrant a sticker and these range from major achievements in adulting, such as opening an ISA, to more everyday achievements such as just eating breakfast. Finally, some recognition that these things are difficult and deserve a "well done" in the form of a cute sticker.

They were printed on vinyl by the lovely Awesome Merchandise and I'm super happy with how they turned out. The colours are great and each individual reward sticker is kiss-cut for easy peeling. I package each sheet in a protective plastic envelope to keep them safe until you want to use them.

I'm running a competition on my Instagram over the next few days; you could win a sheet of Adult Achievement Stickers for you and a friend. Enter HERE. What do you think of the new stickers?

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