Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Wishlist 8

1. This gingham skirt from Nishe reminds me of picnics and sunshine. Also, it's covered in embroidered fruit. HURRY UP SUMMER.

2. Speaking of Summer, I love the bright colours in the latest colour way of this Tatty Devine classic Bunting Necklace.

3. Joy have always got about a million dresses I want and this Louche Enya Bird Dress is no exception. I love a mid-calf dress so I can rock granny-chic at work.

4. I Am Acrylic have released this amazingly cute Volcano Necklace made of pretty pearlescent white acrylic and contrasting fluorescent orange lava! Watch out trees!! I love natural disaster based jewellery.

5. I kind of love this t-shirt from Stories. It is all kinds of weird. There are rainbows and black stripy bits and....horses. Obviously.

6. I can't wait for this Twig Necklace from Wolf and Moon to be back in stock. I want one in every colour so I can wear them all at once and look like a crazy tree lady.

7. Is this not the coolest bag you've ever seen? It's called Radio Samira by Kate Spade and if I had a spare $298 I would be all over it.

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