Friday, 13 June 2014

100 Happy Days - 36 - 40

36. I was hanging out the washing and this wee guy popped up out of nowhere and I almost died of fright!

37. We went to see The Book Thief at the Grosvenor Cinema, it was great; I got to sit in a comfy chair, eat millions of popcorn and drink wine.

38. Making some pretty jewellery and taking some pretty pictures always makes my day.

39. Caley and I manning the merchandise stall for Glasgow Roller Derby! Caley got a Unikitty keyring and this is how excited we were when we discovered it lit up.

40. I went out wearing my favourite necklace (its from Monsieur Monsteur but her online shop is currently out of stock) and my favourite lipstick.

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