Sunday, 23 February 2014

100 Happy Day - 16 - 20

I'm struggling to narrow my happy times into one photo a day. That can only be good, right?

16 - Here's my unsuspecting boyfriend about to be Sneak Attacked by Chi the Attack Cat.

17 - We went to an amazing wedding in a castle near Edinburgh, it was so nice! Keith liked the suit of armour in the tophat.

18 - I'm always thrilled by new comics and Hellblazer is one of my favourites. They arrived just before I started nightshift; it was good to have something to read on the bus.

19 - I bought this beautiful Tara Starlet top in the sale. I love the yellow polka dots!

20 - This was a regram from @lorimacsmif on Instagram who won my competition to win this limited edition Heart Balloon Brooch in pink glitter and these Glitter Red Heart Stud Earrings. I'm so glad she liked them!

You can check out my Instagram here for more pictures (and more competitions) - hurrah!

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