Monday, 3 February 2014


When this trend first started I wasn't sure about it at all, but now it's crept up on me that really, I just want all the shiny things. Here are my favourite holographic things!

1. These Marianne T-bar Flats by Golden Ponies are vegan, handmade, inexpensive and LOVELY. They tick every box!

2. This Ophiucus Zodiac Glitter from Lime Crime is amazing, I'm gutted that it's sold out.

3. Supernova Post Earrings by Enchanted Looking Glass on Etsy - this shop has LOADS of holographic goodies!

4. I'm also pretty devastated that these Adidas ObyO x Jeremy Scott Hologram Wing Trainers are sold out. Booo!

5. If I had those shoes, I would wear them with these Dragon Skin Holographic Leggings from Alicia Zenobia and I would be BLINDING.

6. I'd obviously need some matching nails and this Layla Hologram in Ultra Violet from Ninja Polish (photo from More Nail Polish) would be perfect. If clashing horribly. Oh well.

7. I love the Pegasus Mini Necklace from Tatty Devine. So cute (and super shiny!).

1 comment:

  1. Hey there, your blog is so cute!

    I saw in my shop stats that my earrings were featured here, thanks for that! Shiny things really are the best ;)

    - Caila from EnchantdLookingGlass <3