Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Day

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? We don't normally make a big thing of it, but my boyfriend put so much effort in this year that I wanted to share a few photos.

Despite us both working Keith managed to get up early enough to make me breakfast in bed. Bagels with bacon and poached eggs! I can't manage a poached egg ever, never mind at 7am. Hero.

I got these super cute cat cookie lollies delivered to his work as a surprise. He was mainly confused initially I think, but he seemed to like them. They're from Meow Meow Cookies and you can get LOADS of cute designs!

Keith go me these beautiful flowers which Chi has now claimed as her own. Not for cats. He also gave me some tickets to see Ben Folds which I am SO excited about. Again, not for cats.

Keith also made dinner (hurrah!); here's him being excited for prawn cocktail, '90's starters are awesome.

Perfect steak, carrots and potatoes...

...and tasty chocolate cake for dessert.

I gave him these slightly bizarre, but kind of cute marshmallows - they've got pictures of us printed on them! We haven't actually eaten any of them yet, but they look pretty cool. I got them from Boomf who unfortunately had a printing problem so they arrived a bit late.

No Chi, flowers are still NOT FOR CATS. Sorry wee pal.

What did everyone else do for Valentine's Day? Ours was quiet, but lovely! I don't really like going out, it's always far too busy.

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