Tuesday, 18 February 2014

100 Happy Days - 11 -15

More happy days! A couple of these are repeats of my previous post about Valentine's Day, but I've put them in anyway, because yay.

11 - We decided that what we definitely didn't do enough of was bowling. So we went bowling. I ALMOST WON! Once. That never happens, I'm usually last so I was very excited. Slightly disappointed that we had to wear our own shoes and didn't get to wear bowling shoes. Next time I am going in high heels so bowling shoes are enforced.

12 - I spent Tuesday evening getting on with some work and hanging out with my favourite people. I am sitting next to the fire and stealing all the warms, so Chi the Cat is sitting on me.

13 - How cute is this little guy?! I ordered a box of these to go to my boyfriend's work for Valentines Day, but they arrived a bit early. He seemed quite pleased with them, and they were tasty! They are from Meow Meow Cookies and you can get a huge variety of designs.

14 - My awesome boyfriend made me breakfast in bed before work on Valentines Day - it was ace! It's poached eggs and bacon in a bagel. Yum! This is my favourite plate, it's from We Love Karou - swoon (I bought mine in the sale!).

15 - We went to a very lovely wedding on Saturday - this was my dessert! Lemon tart with crème fraîche ice cream and that fancy, jaggy stuff on top. Yep. Fancy jaggy stuff.


  1. Hi there! Just letting you know I have already posted your snail mail gift for the 'Vivid Please' exchange. I'm also planning on sending some actual snail mail with a few handmade trinkets but they will probably arrive after since I'll be in hospital for the next week.

    I just wanted to let you know you can be expecting two different parcels from me! Hope you enjoy. :)

    1. Yaaaay! That's so exciting. :D Hope the hospital visit isnt too bad and you're back home soon. :)